How much do restaurant signs cost?

Blog / How much do restaurant signs cost? Blog How much do restaurant signs cost? We have over 8 years of experience in designing and installing custom signage for restaurants and cafes all over Victoria. One question we always get asked from our new and even existing clients is a cost estimation for their restaurant […]

Is PNG a Vector File?

Blog / Is PNG a Vector File? Blog Is PNG a Vector File? Are you someone who is not too good at tech? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Tech can be tricky, but do you know what’s trickier? Differentiating between different types of images. We understand that it is dreadful when your friend asks […]

Paper Size Guide

ISO A Paper Sizes

Blog / the only paper size guide you need Blog What are the different sizes of standard paper? Looking for a place where all the common paper sizes are listed? The table below lists some standard paper sizes in mm, cm, inches and pixels! For this blog, we will only we taking about ‘normal’ printing […]

What is digital printing?

Digital Printing

Blog / What is digital printing? Blog What is digital printing? Digital printing is a form of art commonly mistaken with traditional printing. Even though they go hand in hand, they are not the same thing. Getting something from screen to your page is not as easy as it may seem. It is a graphic […]


How To Promote a Business with Pull Up Banners | Brand Awareness Tips Nowadays, Pull Up Banners have become a really popular and effective medium to promote your business. It helps you raise brand awareness of your business in an eye-catching way. These banners are quite affordable, durable & portable. That being said, if you […]


Signage print cranbourne

Nowadays event flyers are an effective way to promote and sell tickets to your event. It gets you a good impact on your potential clients. However, you still need to get your beautifully designed flyers into the hands of the right people. Here are 3 useful ways to distribute your event flyers: Through Online& Social […]

3 Reasons to Use Fridge Magnets

signage print dandenong

3 Reasons to Use Fridge Magnets Every business is formed with a primary goal of spreading brand awareness & generating maximum sales. In order to do that you need various advertising tools to reach out as many people as possible. At Print Hub, we believe that fridge magnets printing is one of the most useful […]


Signage Printing Tips

4 Definite Signage Printing Tips That Can Boost Your Brand Value Signage is undoubtedly one of the mostly-considered business expansion medium in Australia. Here Print Hub presents to you 4 effective signage printing tips and utilities that can help expand your business much faster. Choose Your Purpose Have a clear idea of what you are […]

Various Uses of Canvas Printing

canvas printing Melbourne

When it comes to decorate your home, nothing delivers better than canvas printing. It puts a good positive impact to the eyes of the beholders. But the most convenient thing is that you can use a canvas print in various ways. Here Print Hub provides you with 4 unique ideas to decor your home with canvas printing. […]


business card design tips

Business Card Design Tips That Can Boost Your Business Goals   Why are we talking about business card design tips? How does a business card can make a business more prominent? Business Cards might be the smallest marketing tool you have but when it comes to put an impact on your business, it has a great punch. […]