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How much do restaurant signs cost?

We have over 8 years of experience in designing and installing custom signage for restaurants and cafes all over Victoria. One question we always get asked from our new and even existing clients is a cost estimation for their restaurant signage.

Restaurant signs usually cost around $2,500 AUD- $5,000 AUD for a brand new restaurant.

The cost can vary drastically depending on the type of signage you want to get done. Smaller signs, for example, decals and stickers are generally much cheaper than shop front signboards and lightboxes.

If you are looking to get custom lightboxes or custom cut signboards, the cost will increase higher due to additional laser cutting costs for the material chosen.

For Restaurants looking to rebrand and remove old signage and install new ones, the cost will approximately be around $3,500 AUD – $6,000 AUD. Costs of signage for rebranding is usually higher because of the cost of removal of older signage.

How much do restaurant signs cost?

These costs are just an indication for you to set an approximate budget for your new restaurant signage.

Many other factors can increase or decrease the costs such as the size of signage, quality of materials used, and the timeframe you require the signage to be installed within.