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60% of businesses reported a 10% increase in sales by adding or updating into Light Box Signage, indicating a positive impact on sales and customer engagement.

Illuminate your message, combining cutting-edge technology with creative Light box designs to ensure your brand shines, day or night.

Light box signage significantly enhances visibility and professional appearance, making establishments easier to find and more inviting.

Custom Light Boxes

Our customise made solutions offer vibrant, eye-catching designs that ensure your business stands out, day and night. Perfect for any setting, our energy-efficient and durable light boxes are designed to capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

LED lighting

Featuring energy-efficient and durable LEDs, our lighting offers bright, consistent illumination, ensuring your message or area is attractively highlighted.

Design Consultation

This process involves selecting the right design, colors, and materials that align with the business’s identity and goals.

Custom Light Boxes Signage FAQ

What are custom light boxes?

Custom light boxes are illuminated displays designed to enhance visibility and branding, ideal for businesses and events.

By using bright LED lights, they attract attention day and night, making your brand more noticeable.

Yes, they use LED technology, which is known for low energy consumption and long life.

Can I customize the design?

Absolutely, we tailor designs to fit your brand’s specific needs and preferences.

Installation services are typically offered, ensuring your light box is correctly and safely installed.

We serve Melbourne, VIC, and surrounding areas, covering a wide range of locations.