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What are the different sizes of standard paper?

Looking for a place where all the common paper sizes are listed? The table below lists some standard paper sizes in mm, cm, inches and pixels!

For this blog, we will only we taking about ‘normal’ printing paper size, not envelope sizes. These sizes are often used designing and printing marketing materials such as flyers and posters.

A visual representation of sizes

The image below gives visual representation of the different types of paper sizes ranging from A0 to A8.

I found this image on the Wikipedia page for ‘A series paper sizes’. You can follow this link to download a SVG file and print to keep near your workstation!


ISO A Paper Sizes

Why use paper size in pixels?

Some may find it odd that even size in pixels is included in our table, but it is a very frequent question asked by our designers.

They need this information when making designs for our clients for marketing purposes in programs like Photoshop. Having sizes in all these format makes it easier for them to get a sense of scale of their design for both digital design and offline designs (flyers, signage etc.).